New Zealand

Polocrosse in New Zealand 

New Zealand has 9 polocrosse clubs with 322 members and 10 carnivals each year. There are four National Fixtures (Juniors & Intermediates; Roke & Rockwood; Inter Associations Champs; Sponsors Carnival or High Goal Competition) 

History of polocrosse in New Zealand

Polocrosse started in New Zealand in 1967 in King Country. It was mainly played by farmers and shepherds. 

New Zealand at the World Cup 

2003 – 2nd place 

2007 – 4th place 

2011 – 5th  place 

2015 – 5th place 

What is unique about polocrosse in New Zealand? 

New Zealand is small in comparison to other countries, and currently polocrosse is only played in the North Island, so most clubs only have to travel small distances each weekend to play polocrosse -  between 2 and 4 hours drive. Most clubs are able to play polocrosse every weekend throughout the summer months. 

What will give New Zealand an edge at the World Cup? 

Shane Hill is our coach! 

We have very talented young players coming through.  

Unlike other years where we have been disadvantaged by going into the World Cup in our off season, this year we may have an edge by going straight into the World Cup after the end of our polocrosse season, so our players will be on form ready to go. 

Does New Zealand have rules that differ from international rules? 

  • No riding through the goal posts 
  • Two minute stand down for late umpires 

Junior polocrosse in New Zealand 

Kids can start to play at any age. Junior level is very strong and very competitive. We have a Junior and Intermediate competition each year, and we have three Junior Scholarships to Australia each year. Our Juniors usually travel to Australia for competition each season (or an Australian state comes to New Zealand)


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