About the World Cup

An invitation has been accepted by the eight affiliated polocrosse-playing countries in the world for a mixed team of four men and four women to represent their countries and participate in the Adina Polocrosse World Cup 2019.

Polocrosse is a mixed gender sport with men’s, ladies and mixed competitions. For the Adina Polocrosse World Cup, the eight affiliated playing countries will compete as mixed-gender teams. Each country's team is divided into two halves - a men's half and a women's half - who each play in "chukkas" of play at a time. The men will play each other, alternating with the women playing each other over a total of 6 chukkas, or 3 periods of play for each half.

At an international level, the pinnacle of polocrosse has to be the World Cup! To date there have been four World Cup events held, two at the iOR Morgan Park in Warwick, Queensland, with Australia taking out the World Champions trophy in both 2003 and 2007, from New Zealand and the United Kingdom respectively.

In 2011, the third Polocrosse World Cup tournament was held. Eight countries - the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the United States of America - travelled to Rugby, England to contest the most coverted trophy in world polocrosse. South Africa went on to win the 2011 World Cup in the UK, beating Zimbabwe.

South Africa were again too strong on home soil at the Shongweni Club, in Durban, Kwla-Zulu Natal in 2015. Australia finished third of the eight countries at the 2015 World Cup, with South Africa evening the score as two-time World Cup champions.


Previous World Cup Results


2003: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, USA, Ireland, UK, Canada


2007: Australia, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Ireland, USA, Canada


2011: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Zambia


2015: South Africa, Zambia, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, USA, Ireland