HORSES Scouting

150 horses have been borrowed to successfully stage this prestigious event. 

At the 2003 and 2007 World Cups, polocrosse players across Australia loaned a magnificent line-up of horses. These horse owners need to be commended for their efforts as the high-calibre of horses contributed to the overall success of those two events.

We are confident that those who lent a horse were more than satisfied that the program respected the value of their animals and were thrilled to see their horse perform on the international stage. A Team Horse Coordinator will be allocated to each country to ensure that the care and respect of all horses is a top priority.

Three Horse Coordinators made contacts within our states to meet this challenge.

Gill Mathie – 0414 767 171

Kent Wells – 0414 742 112

Charlie Brook – 0488 967 503


Please see below printable copies of the two required horse forms –

  • Horse Owners Benefits Form
    (We are confident that there will be further inclusions as our sponsorship and marketing efforts progress)

  • Horse Application Form

Official Feed for the World Cup horses

Official Feed for the World Cup horses

Official Saddler

Official Saddler