History of Polocrosse in Australia

Founding nation of the sport of polocrosse and of the World Cup championships, inaugural champions and this year's hosts, the Australians have twice won the Polocrosse World Cup. 

Having lost in the final of the past two World Cups, the Australians are keen to reclaim the championship on home turf at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup 2019.

The World Cup was begun as an initiative of Les Fraser, president of the Warwick Polocrosse Club in Queensland. The first two World Cups were hosted by the Warwick Polocrosse Club, before being sent overseas for two years. For 2019, Warwick Polocrosse Club again won the privilege of hosting the World Cup.

Australia at the World Cup

2003 – 1st

2007 – 1st

2011 – 3rd

2015 – 3rd (current world ranking)

What will give Australia an edge at the World Cup?

A very good team for a start with great players for all key positions - and they get on together exceptionally well. The team has both youth and experience, and here are some very good horsemen on the team.


The Australian team will get together as often as possible to train, though this is difficult with players living in three states, including one living 4,000km from the others. The team will play two test series against New Zealand prior to World Cup.

Who to watch

The men’s side have all played in a World Cup and been beaten and they don’t want to go through that again. For this World Cup the team has insight into how the current world champions play having played South Africa in a test series in 2017.

Abbott Grills will be the captain and Lucy Grills the vice captain of the Aussie Roos.

The 2019 Australian World Cup team

Country Australia

Club Cassilis

Occupation Horse Chiropractor

Number of years played 29 years

Past representation 7 times at Nationals

Country Australia

Position Captain

Club Albury Holbrook

Occupation Farm Manager

Number of years played 22 years

Past representation 2015 World Cup, Nationals

Country Australia

Club Albury Holbrook

Occupation Personal Trainer/Footballer/Farmer

Number of years played 17 years

Past representation 5 Nationals, 5 Internationals

Country Australia

Club Jugiong

Occupation Farmer

Number of years played 25 years

Past representation Nationals

Country Australia

Club Tansey

Occupation Student

Number of years played 10 years

Past representation U21 Australia v South Africa Test 2017. Australia v Zambia Test 2018

Country Australia

Position Vice Captain

Club Albury Holbrook

Occupation Graphic and Web Designer/Farmer

Number of years played 18 years

Country Australia

Club Tansey

Occupation Mother

Number of years played 15 years

Past representation Australian Polocrosse Nationals 2006-2018, 2015 World Cup, 2015 Aus vs NZ Womens Test

Country Australia

Club South Midlands

Occupation Owner/Operator of Swim School

Number of years played 28 years

Past representation World Cup 2007, UK Tour 2008, Quads 2009, Nationals 2014, South Africa Test 2017


Country Australia

Role Coach

Club Cassilis

Occupation Occupation Horse Float Builder

Number of years played 38 years

Past Representation Coached 7 winning National teams

Country Australia

role Manager

Club Kojonup Polo & Polocrosse Club

Occupation Farmer

Number of years played 25 years

Past Representation Managed U16 Australian team in 2016, represented Western Australia 2016 + 2018