Adina Polocrosse World Cup Auction

With thanks to the generosity of sponsors, there will be a number of items auctioned throughout the World Cup, including exclusive items and customised pieces. Refer to details on the auction items below as well as the Event Program for more detailed timings.

If you can not make it to one of the auctions but would like to place a bid we encourage you to call on a mate to bid for you, or alternatively contact us at and we can assist you with your bid.

Exclusive Polocrosse World Cup Watches

Two men’s and two women’s Adina watches will be auctioned during the event, with the first one going under the hammer at the Morgan + English Twilight with the Stars on Wednesday 24 April.


To commemorate the Adina Polocrosse World Cup 2019, all players, coaches and team managers will be presented with a prestigious wearable memento of their involvement in the world’s most elite polocrosse event – a limited edition Adina watch. The Adina Polocrosse World Cup watch oozes style and sophistication, while holding up against the active lifestyles of those who will be wearing it. These watches are exclusive, not for general sale, but you do have a chance to snaffle one of your own. Two watches will be auctioned during the week. Don’t miss this one and only chance.

Sponsored by Adina Watches


John Deere Zero Turn Mower

This mower will be auctioned on Thursday 25 April.

John Deere_Model Z335E image.JPG

The John Deere Model Z335E residential / domestic type zero turn lawn mower is equipped with 20hp twin cylinder petrol engine. It has a cutting deck size of 42 inches with two blades and is designed around a heavy-duty formed and welded steel frame for strength and reliability.Large front caster and rear drive wheels provide for a smoother ride,better slope performance, operator comfort over uneven ground and better traction.

Sponsored by Vanderfield


$2,500 IOR Diesel Vouchers

Two $2,500 IOR diesel vouchers will be auctioned: one on Thursday 25 April and one on Friday 26 April.


IOR is an Australian family-owned and operated business, offering flexible fuel solutions to our customers. They offer fuel storage, pumping, bulk fuel management and on-road refuelling through their diesel stop network. IOR is passionate about making sure their hard-working customers can fuel up, keep going and keep growing.

Sponsored by IOR Petroleum

IOR Petroleum Logo - No Tagline.jpg

Thompson Longhorn calf cradle and calf lane or Thompson Longhorn Jakaru restrainer

These will be auctioned on Friday 26 April.

The Thompson Longhorn calf cradle and calf lane and the Thompson Longhorn Jakaru restrainer will both go in the auction and the winning bidder can choose which item to take.

The Thompson Longhorn calf cradle and calf lane is designed to improve operational efficiency and safety. It is available in nearside or offside operation. The independent restraining levers for neck and flank control on the cradle mean that the calf can be restrained safely regardless of its size. The roll over action lowers the calf to a convenient working height to reduce operator fatigue. The calf lane has an inside width of 430mm to prevent turning, and overhead bars to prevent calves jumping or rearing.

The Thompson Longhorn Jakaru restrainer is an entry level restrainer and is designed for simple and efficient processing of animals, allowing you to perform basic animal husbandry operations quickly and easily.

Sponsored by Thompson Longhorn


Exclusive World Cup Saddle by The Australian Stockman’s Saddlery

This saddle will be auctioned on Friday 26 April.


More than 70 hours of craftsmanship have gone into this one-off World Cup special. 

This 16"  saddle is handcrafted on a traditional steel-lined timber tree. It is made with heavy English harness leather, which is traditionally oak-tanned for fourteen months in Century old pits. This makes it one of the best leathers in the world. The fenders are mounted on stirrup bars, and the seat is hand-webbed with an overlay of foam and felt. It is a very close-fitting saddle with a large felt-lined panel for your horse's comfort.  

Boasting Crocodile skin inlay and Kangaroo welts, it is a perfect yet practical memento of the 2019 Adina Polocrosse World Cup valued in excess of $9500.

Sponsored by The Australian Stockmans Saddlery


3-Horse Angle Load Float

This float will be auctioned on Saturday 27 April.


Imperial Floats use only the finest virgin Australian made BHP Steel along with first-grade composite materials for float construction.  This special edition Polocrosse World Cup  3-Horse Angle Load Float  is equipped with all standard features as well as  heavy duty,  load rated sports alloy wheels, drop down windows with protection bars, and fully adjustable custom alloy dividers.

Sponsored by Imperial Floats