Polocrosse in Ireland

Ireland has on average nine official tournaments during the polocrosse season as well as a few more fun tournaments. In the past few years Irish players have been travelling to the UK to play some more during the season and for a taste of the competition! 


History of polocrosse in Ireland

Polocrosse is still a relatively young sport in Ireland. It first began in 1990 with brothers David and Ivor Young. David had read an article about polocrosse in an equestrian magazine and together they decided to introduce it as a tourist attraction at their equestrian business in Horetown, County Wexford.

Interested to learn more about this exciting game, the two brothers had an Australian coach, Bernie Uechtritz, come to Horetown House some five weeks later. The word and the game spread quickly with Brian McMahon being next on board starting up Limerick Polocrosse Club, and the rest of the country quickly followed suit with now over eleven clubs across the country.


Ireland at the World Cup

Ireland is proud to have taken part in every World Cup so far.

2003 - 6th place
Coach - Paul Brennan (Australia)
Avis Wotton, Derbhla O'Leary, Shirley Hayde, Nichola Foley, Shirley Hayde
Aidan McDonnagh, Paul O'Leary, Tony O'Donnell, Seamus McDonnagh

2007 - 6th place
Coach - Tony O'Donnell (Ireland)
Avis Wotton, Julie O'Sullivan Gallagher, Tara Power, 
Aidan McDonnagh, Seamus McDonnagh, Seb Chambers, James Smyth

2011 - 7th place
Coach - Tony O'Donnell (Ireland)
Avis Wotton, Dara Mangan, Joanne Lavery, Rona O'Dwyer
Aidan McDonnagh, BJ Byrne, Eoin O'Donnell, Seb Chambers

2015 - 8th place
Coach - David Young (Ireland)
Amy Buckley, Dara Mangan, Emily McDonnagh, Joanne Lavery
Aidan McDonnagh, Conor Doyle, Mark Hall, Shane Harris