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ASH Reg. No.: 190785

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Breeder: Hawthorne Stud

Owner: Mr Jason Ward

Purchased HAWTHORNE SANDY as a 5 year old from Kent & Libby Wells, Hawthorne Stud. Sandy plays for Sydney Polocrosse Club with rider Rose Ward playing both No. 2 and No. 3 predominately. Rose has also played as a No. 3 and No. 1 in Master Competition at Zone Championships at Warren, NSW where Rose was picked to play in the Barastoc Interstate Series against Queensland in 2017.

Some of Hawthorne Sandy’s achievements include:

  • 2014 Best No. 1 – rider Jason Ward at Tansey, QLD

  • 2018 Best No. 3 - rider Rose Ward NSW Club Championships Bunnan, NSW

  • 2018 Junior Classic NSW Junior Team – rider Jordan Perkins

  • 2018 Perth Nationals – rider Jordan Perkins

Hawthorne Sandy is Rose Ward’s horse. Rose has been riding competitively on Sandy for the Sydney Club in the Women’s competition, Mixed team and Open teams. Sandy can play any position. Her runs on the board, her agility, conformation, trainability and her turn of speed gives her that competitive edge. After a big year with the Sydney Club Sandy was bushed at Kyogle for a few months and has come back into work ready to showcase the Hawthorne Stud – Kent & Libby Wells, Boonah, Queensland.

Rose recently participated in a Scott Keogh Horsemanship clinic with the Sydney Club and has found Sandy very willing and responsive to the teaching of the clinic. With the prep-work put into Sandy, the Ward family are looking forward to seeing the lady player chosen to ride her at the World Cup in action.

Linda Tillman